Too much sauce????

So, it is no news that Yoruba people love pepper. A FI SE NI (IT IS FOLLOW COME WAHALA). And of course being a typical Yoruba girl, Sisibola is not an exception. In fact, I think mine is at chronic level. Majority of the food I don’t like eating is because they are not peppery enough or don’t have pepper in them. The yaji (Suya pepper) I bought in school, I licked most of it. I buy Suya because of pepper and onions not because of the meat (I am not a meat lover).

There was no problem about my pepper thirst until my mum began to complain bitterly about my cookings (trust Nigerian mothers to be extra😡). My younger brother with his unfiltered mouth told me I’m bad cook and that I will kill my husband with pepper, he said it in Yoruba and it made it more painful😩😩😩 (and to think he’s only 8).
Trust me, nothing hurts me more than making an amazing meal only for everyone to avoid it like plague all because of the pepper. I had to find a way around it.

After plenty plenty research and experiments, I discovered the simple trick to getting others to enjoy my peppery meals. The solution is ONIONS, yes, just onions. You not only blend enough onions, you add more sliced onions (you can dice the onions into bits if you don’t like seeing them in your food) to the food while cooking. The onions take away the over-hot sensation of too much pepper but still gives you that peppery taste you want.

This way, it is a win-win situation for everyone, even for those who don’t like pepper. Kindly drop suggestions on other possible ways to tackle the issue of “too much sauce” in the comment section.
Until next Sunday, STAY YUMMY FELLAS!

Note: pictures are not mine..


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